Why You Should Use A Professional Paint Protection Film Installation Company

December 2018Paint protection film for cars, and other vehicles have developed to such an extent that today, your fears of yellowing and cracked film spoiling the look of your car should no longer be a concern.

Purchasing a car is a costly business and as a car owner, you no doubt understand the frustration of driving your brand new car home from the Dealer, only to discover that your vehicle almost magnetically picked up a stone chip in its previously pristine paintwork.

How Was Paint Protection Film Developed for Motor Vehicles?
The paint protection film (PPF) was developed during the Vietnam war to protect the leading edge of helicopter rotor blades from damage in the heavy jungles when hovering low or landing. The transparent urethane material, also known as clear film or clear bra, later attracted the attention of the automobile industry who then started using it on racing vehicles before it made its way into the private automotive market.

How Long Will Paint Protection Film Last?
An extremely tough urethane membrane, PPF is highly conformable and available in a variety of thicknesses and colours. It is applied to the exterior of a vehicle and has self-healing properties that allow it to reform after experiencing small scratches. Another significant benefit of this protection film is that it extends the life of your vehicle’s bodywork for up to 10 years, depending on the amount of care taken to preserve it and the chemicals used when cleaning it.

Your car’s finish should sparkle through the transparent PPF and provide an exceptionally smooth finish. The clear film should be barely noticeable. The physical application of paint protection film is highly specialised and should only be carried out by professional installers with a minimum of 3 years’ regular installation experience. This meticulous type of installation requires the appropriate application of water, detergent, alcohol and heat.

Can I Use Clear Vinyl To Protect My Car?
Unscrupulous car protection film installers use a clear vinyl, but this is NOT the correct polyurethane film and will not protect your car from scratches for longer than a year or two. It is also not self-healing and will show the scratch-marks in the vinyl. Steer clear any installer who tells you that they use a heat gun as this can cause the glue to permanently bond to the paintwork, resulting in significant damage when you try to remove it at a later stage.

When considering protecting your car with PPF, you should take into consideration that for a high-quality result, the protection film needs to consist of three essential layers which will protect your vehicle; the glue, the polyurethane and the top layer which protects the polyurethane from discolouring and provides the self-healing properties.

Where Can I Find A Professional Paint Protection Film Installer Near London?
AJ’s Wrap & Customs is a reliable and professional car film installer. AJ’s Wrap & Customs makes use of a specialised glossy film to protect your investment and make cleaning it so much easier. They have a range of clear and coloured polyurethane films from recognised protection film manufacturer Xpel, that are applied to your vehicle.

Xpel uses a unique elastomeric polymer technology. This technology allows the paint protection film to “heal” itself from scratches and scuff marks in a matter of minutes. It is backed by extensive warranties of up to 10 years, depending on the type of film that is used.

AJ’s Wrap & Customs are situated in Southall, west of London. Contact them by phone on +44 744 034 4448 or email them.

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