Purchasing a car is a costly business, so protecting your asset against scratches, chips and the sun is important. AJ’s Wrap & Customs makes use of a specialised glossy film to protect your investment and make cleaning easier.

Why paint your motorbike when we can wrap it for you? Our full-colour wraps allow you to express your individuality and transform your bike into a work of art! Our full vinyl wraps cover the entire body of your bike, without the need for painting a base colour. No matter the size or shape of your bike, we can wrap it!

Make a splash with our strong and durable vinyl wraps, cut to perfectly fit your jet ski and available in a range of exciting colours and designs.

Headlight or rear light tints are a cost-effective way of changing the colour of your lights and we have a range of tinting films to choose from. In addition, our specialised film also adds protection from damage to these most exposed parts of your car.

Whether you want to completely change the look of your car with a full car vinyl wrap or simply add some interesting text or a logo, AJ's Wrap & Customs will assist you to achieve the full result.

Did you know that your company’s fleet of vehicles is an underused, yet vital marketing tool? Your fleet has the ability to reach thousands of potential customers as a moving “billboard”.

Our customised wraps are digitally painted using powerful, specialised design software to create a perfect representation of your design or image.

We have talented, in-house designers who will assist you with the perfect design for your customised or corporate vinyl wrap. This is the longest part of the vinyl wrapping process as we want to ensure that your design is perfect and your money well spent.

If you have grown tired of the chrome finishes on your vehicle, AJ’s Wrap & Customs can help you de-chrome your vehicle with a few simple vinyl wrap installations.

Gain the competitive advantage with our eye-catching vehicle graphics designed to turned heads. Our commercial vehicle wrapping film turns all commercial vehicles into mobile billboards.

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