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Vinyl wrapping is a process whereby the entire exterior of a vehicle is wrapped in a thin, but highly protective self-adhesive vinyl. This vehicle vinyl wrap can be designed as one solid colour, or in a variety of designs, or your company branding. Your imagination is your limit! All vinyl wrapping finishes are available in a gloss or matte finish.

Vinyl wrapping is highly versatile and can be used on cars, buses, trucks, bikes, and boats. In fact, it can be used on whatever vehicle you choose to get your brand or advertising message across.

AJís Wrap & Customs undertakes the following types of wraps on a variety of vehicles, including;
– Full vehicle wraps
– Half vehicle wraps
– Bonnet wraps
– Roof wraps
– Full vehicle colour changes
– Decals and stickers
– Racing stripes

Our Services

You need a specialist who understands the importance of the correct application and finishing of a vehicle wrap, once the final design has been accepted. At AJís Wrap & Customs, our highly-skilled team will ensure that your vehicle is placed in a warm, well-lit, and dust-free environment after being thoroughly cleaned using specialised cleaning products.

Fleet Wraps

Did you know that your company’s fleet of vehicles is an underused, yet vital marketing tool? Your fleet has the ability to reach thousands of potential customers as a moving “billboard”.

Motorbike Wraps

Why paint your motorbike when we can wrap it for you? Our full-colour wraps allow you to express your individuality and transform your bike into a work of art! Our full vinyl wraps cover the entire body of your bike, without the need for painting a base colour. No matter the size or shape of your bike, we can wrap it!

Roof Wraps

Make dramatic, bigger and brighter statements by installing a vehicle roof wrap, designed to suit your brand or taste and fit any size vehicle.

Car Decals and Stickers

AJ’s Wrap & Customs will pay as much attention to designing and applying a vinyl decal or sticker to your vehicle, as we would to a full vehicle wrap.

Read more for further information on our full-service offerings.

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Our experienced technicians will then carefully remove any external parts to ensure a smooth wrapping. Once this process has been completed, the vinyl is positioned. The vinyl allows for repositioning until pressure is applied with special tools that heat it to activate the underlying adhesive. Once completed, the exterior parts are replaced and the vehicle left to stand for the adhesive to cure properly.

Strict quality control methods are in place to ensure that everything is correctly replaced and that the vinyl application has been done properly. The entire process takes between 1 and 3 days, depending on the size of the vehicle and the amount of wrapping detail involved.

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