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November 2018 – This year has seen a marked increase in consumer interest for vinyl wrapping of cars and other vehicles, with a specific interest in colour-shifting vinyl, which provides a multi-colour effect that is both striking and more affordable than traditional spray painting.

The days of cars covered with vinyl racing stripes are long gone and have been replaced with stunning, customised vehicle wraps perfectly suited for complete colour changes, special effects or to accent the beautiful shape of a vehicle. Consumers and companies alike are finally appreciating just how much visibility they can get from vinyl wrapping their cars, fleets and other vehicles.

What is Vinyl Wrapping?
Vinyl wrapping or car wrapping is a process where large sheets of coloured or digitally printed vinyl are used to partially or entirely cover a vehicle to transform its appearance. The accidental discovery of vinyl chloride in 1926 by the Goodrich Corporation led to many growth opportunities in the industry as it created factories, jobs and of course, new products – which were to include later the material we use today to wrap vehicles.

The advancement of printing and die-cut technologies in the 1990s, allowed a few companies to experiment with vinyl wrapping on various types of vehicles, but it remained costly and did not catch on with the general public. At that stage, the US Air Force was one of the few large clients who could afford the adhesive vinyl, which they used on many of their aircraft. However, by the 21st-century further printing developments allowed large format graphics to be printed onto vinyl and other materials, which progressed to the printing of vinyl wrap for cars and other vehicles.

Today, all that is needed to produce the vinyl wrap effect is a specialised pressure sensitive film, a large format printer, some heavy-duty graphic design software and a highly-talented graphic designer to create the stunning designs for both private individuals and businesses.

How Expensive is Car Wrapping?
Car wrapping is cheaper than a respray and is easy to remove, should you decide to sell your vehicle at a later stage. In addition, it also helps protect the paintwork which ultimately improves your car’s resale value. There is no limit to the creative artwork that can be reproduced. Designs that were traditionally difficult to create or paint, as well as expensive, are now easily reproduced on digitally printed vinyl wraps.

What Types Of Vehicles Can Be Wrapped In Vinyl?
Vinyl wrapping is suitable for all types of vehicles. Businesses can incorporate their full branding onto vinyl vehicle wraps to include their logo, company information and sales pitch. Companies sponsoring sporting events can have aircraft, motorbikes and marine vessels covered in their branding to bring across their message.

Vinyl wrapping can be used on:
• Cars
• Boats and other marine craft
• Aircraft
• Motorbikes and scramblers
• Bicycles
• Buses
• Fleet Vehicles

Where Can I Find A Reliable Car Wrapping Company Near Me?
Professional vehicle wrapping experts, such as AJ’s Wrap and Customs, situated in Southall, west of London, offer a vast selection of coloured matte and glossy vinyl to choose from, as well as vinyl wrap for special effects and textures. These finishes include pearl, brushed metal and carbon fibre vinyl wraps.

The vehicles that leave their premises command respect and attract attention wherever they travel. AJ’s Wrap and Customs specialist in high-end cars, but also wrap a range of fleet and sports vehicles, buses, aircraft, bikes and boats. View their gallery here.

AJ’s Wrap and Customs takes pride during the complete process of their vinyl wrap application. It is this attention to detail that ensures a jaw-dropping, quality finish which will last for up to five years with proper care.

How Long Does It Take To Wrap A Vehicle?
AJ’s Wrap and Customs usually takes between one and three days to complete a job, depending on the amount of work involved, but you can contact them for an obligatory-free quote.

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