Car Decals And Stickers


AJ’s Wrap & Customs will pay as much attention to designing and applying a vinyl decal or sticker to your vehicle, as we would to a full vehicle wrap. If you want a small business logo, slogan or something else applied to your vehicle or fleet, our designers will print your full-colour decal onto our hard-wearing, waterproof vinyl wrap or vinyl sticker cut-out, perfect for even the most complex design.

Colour Change

About the service

Vehicle wrapping is a cost-effective and fairly quick way to change the colour or look of your vehicle, whilst protecting it and extending the life of the paintwork underneath. The vinyl wrapping is easy to remove and leaves no underlying damage to the original paintwork. Vehicle wrapping is also an excellent method of branding a fleet of vehicles.

Design & Print


We have talented, in-house designers who will assist you with the perfect design for your customised or corporate vinyl wrap. This is the longest part of the vinyl wrapping process as we want to ensure that your design is perfect and your money well spent.Our team of designers will help you with a vehicle wrapping design to suit your exact specifications, no matter how big or small the project.

Head Rear Light Tints


Headlight or rear light tints are a cost-effective way of changing the colour of your lights and we have a range of tinting films to choose from. In addition, our specialised film also adds protection from damage to these most exposed parts of your car.

Vehicle Branding


A combination of hot colours, special effects film and our professional graphic designers will enable your company to boost its promotional activities on every street.